Why you should become a morning person

It's possible amigos. I used to think that becoming a morning person was something reserved for Yoga teachers and Buddhist monks. It's the first Monday of 2015 I woke up at 4:30 AM. Not back at the regular 7AM gym sessions, but going on a run tomorrow. 

I must say, it feels glorious. 

It's about focus

Most of the people that self-proclaim as night owls are the creative types. Developers, designers and very busy founders. They say that they can only focus when nobody interrupts them. When it's quiet and silent. 

One thing I can guarantee you is that in the very early AM, nobody texts you. Nobody is messaging and you have 2-4 hours of delightful focus to go deep on anything you want. 

The advantage of doing it in the morning instead of late-nights is that you can still function for the next 10-12 hours and operate with the rest of the universe. 

Happy 2016. This will be the year of focus & abundance.