I am always happy to help, assist and be as proactive as possible with anybody.

Thank you for wanting to get in touch. I hope that we get to collaborate in something awesome together. Life is all about adding more value than what you can capture.

I'm currently cutting as much email as possible in my life. Even-thought I work for one of the largest senders of email in the world. 

Please, before writing an email to me, I highly encourage you take a look at this post on "How to cold email people you have never met before".

I usually reply to all mail in 72 hours, if I am not traveling, crunching work during an important deadline or taking time off from the internet.

Your email will be ignored if:

  1. You send me hate mail
  2. You ask for help with your startup, but don't actually describe how you think I can be of assistance
  3. If you want me to invest in your project/company, but says that we MUST talk on the phone before (please explain what are you working on before)
  4. For ways to be "connected" or start a relationship I HIGHLY encourage you to take a look at this Mark Suster blog post 

I cold email quite a lot and usually try to be as short, descriptive and actionable as possible. 

Email me here pedro [at] pedrosorren.com