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Short version: "Entrepreneur. BizDev & Latam Growth @sendgrid. Coffee, Fitness, F1 and buddhism. 1% better everyday. Songs I've been listening can be found @" (raised in São Paulo, former Boulder resident, current living in San Francisco and loving it)".

Medium Version: 

Pedro Sorrentino is a Brazilian entrepreneur that currently lives in San Francisco. He joined SendGrid as an early stage employee, and is currently SendGrid's Community Development Manager. He is responsible for helping startups grow their business via SendGrid Accelerate, a corporate program that blends mentorship, free SendGrid services and strategic introductions for the best early-stage founders and startups.

Prior to his current role, Pedro was responsible for Business Development and Partnerships at SendGrid. He also focused on developing SendGrid’s resellers and channel business. Finally, he developed the strategy for and implemented SendGrid’s expansion to Latin America.

Before moving to the United States in 2010 he worked in marketing for companies like, and

In 2010, Pedro co-founded his first company in Brazil while based in the US, called, which focused in the mobile-local services space. In 2011 the company was acquired by Buscapé Company, the largest e-commerce conglomerate in Latin America.

Pedro is also the Vice-President of the Brazilian Startup Association, a non-profit entity that works to represent the best interest of all startup founders in Brazil as well as add value for the VC and Angel community in Brazil with BASE, the most reliable open-database of startups in Latam.

He has a magna cum laude bachelor's degree in Journalism from Universidade Mackenzie in Sao Paulo and a specialization in Digital Business from Boulder Digital Works, a technology innovation program from Colorado University.

Pedro works to become 1% better everyday and blogs at He also loves fitness, formula 1, coffee. He tries to approach things in life with acceptance, enjoyment and enthusiasm.

Long Version: 

Living by the principles of the 1% better manifesto.

Born in July 14th 1988 and raised in the chaos of downtown São Paulo, São Paulo - Brazil, I moved to the United States when I was 21. I am a big fan of Mondays and like being part of something greater than me. Surrounding yourself with people that are orders of magnitude smarter and better than you is extremely important, since you are the average of the 5 people you spent most time with. 

I love large cosmopolitan cities like NYC, San Francisco, London, Amsterdam, Rio, São Paulo and Rome; but also something in between like Naples, Buenos Aires, Santiago or Vancouver. They just bring this extremely comfortable feeling in my heart and a type of energy that I feed off quite a lot. Race diversity, multi-cultural environments and different communities that live together are an important factor for me. 

I enjoy starting things from scratch.

This is the street I grew up in São Paulo

This is the street I grew up in São Paulo

I currently speak fluent Brazilian Portuguese and English. I can do business in Spanish, date in Italian and not look stupid in France. That said, currently, I've been focusing on improving my Spanish skills to achieve total proficiency, however, I've done deals in Chile and Buenos Aires.

I did live in Boulder, Colorado for a period of 3 years during my early 20's, I consider "the Boulder years" a crucial time in my life because it was my final transition from boy to man. In the little fancy white-hippie organicness of Boulder,  I discovered that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, and a creative person for the rest of my life. It helped me to shape an important piece of my personality, and I loved it. Sometimes It was very hard being away from my family; but I knew that it was what I had to do; it still is. 


Boulder was the place where I started my first startup (that I later sold to Buscapé). That's where I discovered that I work insanely better during the hours of 11pm and 4AM. Finally, that's where I saw snow for the first time ever, and learned to dislike it ever since.

There are actually only a handful of cold places I would live in again -NYC, London and Milan, to be more specific-. I like tropical weather, the beach, Brazilian açaí, and anything that combines sugar + coconut. 

In the "Boulder bubble," I found an amazing community of people and entrepreneurs who received me with an open heart and mind. For that I am extremely grateful. However, it just was not the place for me, because there is not enough going on in Boulder for my type of personality. It is just too zen, and organized; most people think exactly the same. No bueno para Pedro. I live to move around and travel way too much. 


I have realized that I thrive when put out of my comfort zone. I enjoy doing the things that most people won't do. This is when you grow, improve and become a better person;  No matter what it takes

People that are extremely passionate about any topic fascinates me. From Formula 1 to fitness I enjoy being with friends, as well as learning from the ones that are willing to be bold enough to follow their dreams and aspirations in life. Because even if you know what your "Personal Legend" is, it is not going to be easy to accomplish it. 

Although, I do think that idealism is probably the most powerful marketing strategy you can have, I personally feel that execution is the key to success. This is why I wrote a manifesto for the type of life I am going to live or try to live by. I will focus most of my time into the "making good art" and being 1% better everyday. 

I respect the balance between mind, body and spirit. Recently I lost over 20 lbs in 12 months, started to meditate 3 times a week and have been reading more novels than non-fiction as well as philosophy. It feels great to start to build a personality or persona outside of work, especially in Silicon Valley, where people are so defined by the type of work they do. We should be more than our job title. 

I'm a fan of Baruch Spinoza, Zen Buddism (specifically Śūnyatā), Kabbalah, lifting weights, running and Formula 1. 

Besides my Brazilian citizenship, I am also an Italian citizen. As much as I try to practice the slow carb diet, Italian food, such as pasta, pizza, gelato, espressos, Brunello di Montalcino and Chianti wines, Campari and Aperol, is just part of who I am. I have heard I can prepare an excellent capirinha, a great negroni or Aperol Spritz and have made hundreds of people smile with my Mojitos. 

I am extremely eclectic when it comes to music: from heavy metal to Bach, from hiphop all the way to electro-tango, bossa nova, blues, jazz and progressive house or traditional cuban music. You can learn more about what I have been listening on my Music Tumblr

Visiting Big Sur in NoCal

In June of 2013, I became a resident of the amazing city of San Francisco. Since I have moved here, I learned tons about the process of actually moving and settling in. As of right now I don't see myself living anywhere else but in San Francisco. I live in South Beach.

The varieties of culture, people and things to do in San Francisco is incredible. The Silicon Valley is a fantastic place.  For the first time in my life, I feel like I have all the tools and resources I need in my life to be as successful as possible. It is a bit scary when you become aware that you are your worst enemy. 

I did some other things before joining SendGrid. Most of them are listed on my LinkedIn profile, in case you are curious about it. 

Right now I am interested in learning new things, in order for my person to be better and more interesting.

So far, I have been writing more blog posts, started to work on my first book -about being 1% better everyday-, changed my diet to fit my plan to get a six-pack by summer of 2016, learning more about accounting and finance -and getting better at Excel while doing it- and also trying to travel as much as possible for the pleasure to discover unusual places. 

If you would like to get in touch, please check out the contact page on this website. 


Pedro Sorrentino