Procrastinating Your Own Success

Currently I am in Rio for Carnaval for a very small break with friends, people I care & love. Usually, when you remove yourself from your day to day, the best conclusions come to life. 

During the flight here I had the immense pleasure of sitting right next to a dear friend of mine that recently quit his job at Salesforce and is about to go on a world travel adventure trough Asia. On parts of this trip, he'll finish his program at Tony Robbins coaching university in Bali and will become an advanced certified life coach. 

He is following his purpose with courage. 

We had a pretty deep conversation about where I was in life, how some of my personal friends and acquaintances went to become multi-millionaires entrepreneurs and that I felt a little stuck. 

I've always been a huge proponent of productivity and self-improvement. Thus the 1% better manifesto. But somehow, during our conversation he clearly demonstrated to me how disconnected I was from the "old Pedro" - that started two companies and hustled his way to Silicon Valley as a 1st generation immigrant. 

I've been procrastinating my success for the past 14 months. It's evident, loud and, unfortunately, super extra clear. I am also doing this great 67 Steps from @Tailopez. 

Probably the best thing that he mentions during his entire program is that one of his signatures quotes:

“Everybody wants the good life, but not everybody gets the good life”.
— @tailopez

It's time to earn my success and work harder. Time to get myself out of my comfort zone, follow my purpose and live the dream. 

It won't be easy, but very fun. Onward.