Uber world domination, one ride at a time

When I read the Launcher description, I knew immediately that I was the person Uber is looking to hire. I've been an early customer back when there were only black cars in San Francisco.

Let me give you more details on why I think I'm qualified for the job. 

I’ve been part of startups that grew from 30 employees to 230 people in less than two years (SendGrid). Mobile app companies that grew to more than 80 million MAU around the globe (Nimbuzz) and also seen a software company IPO (MediaMind) from the inside as an early Latam employee. 

All these experiences provided me with a clear understanding of what it means to grow a company at an aggressively fast pace, while maintaining the market leadership by orders of magnitude as well as growing internationally to block competition. I assume that's Uber’s case.

Navigating the Latin American market can be challenging, but since I had the opportunity to launch SendGrid in Latin America I believe I can be successful on solving some of the challenges that will arise when bring Uber to those countries. Today Brazilian Portuguese is the #1 language outside English to hit their website, 3rd geo region outside the US and we've gotten over 5000 customers since launching. After the initial push, I personally recruited our first local employee. That's not counting the work done in Chile and Argentina.

During grad school I started and  I sold my first company to the one of the largest e-commerce conglomerates in Latam (Buscapé company). Recomind.net is a mobile app for curated recommendations of local services providers. I learned how to hire, fire, negotiate and in general make decisions that will affect something bigger than myself. 

In addition to that, I started a second company that became profitable within 3 months of operation. Slumdog Productions organized events for the tech & developer community in Brazil. We were sold out for the most part of our activities and raised over 50K in sponsorships. Both of these companies I did as side activities, powered by a lot of espressos and hustle.

Because if my work in BD at SendGrid I've became a pretty cross-functional employee. I closed global distribution deals with Microsoft, VmWare, Google, Engine Yard and at the same I tripled the average velocity of my engineering team while working as their product manager in the early days.

It’s all about doing what most people won’t. You can never win alone. 

I am prepared to provide solid contributions right away to our “world domination” plan, and hope that this type of approach is perceived as a good thing inside your corporate culture. Today in most Latam markets Uber will actually be a late entrance, since there already are a lot of "me too" players. I believe this is a good thing. 

Being a Launcher resonates with my personal mission and with what I hope to achieve in the next years of my life. I understand that Uber is one of the few companies that provide an opportunity like this. 

Most importantly, I want to work at a place where you can make as much impact as you work for.  

Very truly yours, 

Pedro Sorrentino