Desire is the essence of a man
— Baruch Spinoza

Here is a list of products, services and places I recommend. If there is a sponsorship of some kind, there will always be a disclaimer. 

Desk Setup: 

I currently use a MacbookPro Retina Display 13' 2.6 GHz and 8GB of RAM running OSX 10.9 

I have 2 desks. One at SendGrid San Francisco and another at my home office. Some additional items include:

I prefer a combination of the Apple Magic Trackpad, for fast scrolling with gestures combined with a traditional mouse (call me old school). At home I roll with the Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse where the dongle is attached to a Numeric Apple Keyboard, since I like having the extra USBs and sometimes the Apple Bluetooth keyboards just unreliable. Also, I use a Kensington K60087 Monitor Stand Small with SmartFit System

On both setups I have an additional 27' screen that works as the primary or secondary display. They are both high end, but non of them are a Thunderlbolt display, which I consider to be a big waste of time. 

TK - Insert Pictures of Both Desks 

Must-have items for desk productivity 

  • Bose® QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones
    • Probably the best gadget I've bought in the past 4 years. I like it better than some relationships I have. This pair of headphones will allow you to easily get into the zone and demonstrate to others that "headphones on mode" = don't interrupt me please. 
      • Check my Tumblr out for what type of music I listen to while I am working or at the gym 
  • 4x6 Post-it Notes 
    • The reason why I like those is because I usually take offline notes from calls and then transport them into a Google Docs that is either shared or that I will share later. The process of organizing my notes is a great mental excercise of absorbing content. Since they are a bit larger than the average post it there is enough room to take proper notes.


  • Currently I have two cellphones. My primary device is an iPhone 4S white 16 GB. (that's not enough storage due to the insane amount of pictures I take and how much I use Spotify on the off-line). That said it get's 95% of the job done and I don't plan on getting another iPhone until Apple releases something that has a larger screen. I also own a Nokia Lumia 900. It's extremely pretty and well design hardware (I've have probably 7-8 Nokias in my life), but Windows Phone is still a pretty weak OS. There are not enough apps and a lot of the existing apps are horrible or don't provide the same features you get on iOS or Android. I regret getting this phone. 

Bluetooth Speakers 

  • I am a big fan of Jamboxes by Jawbone. I own one Big Jambox and a small Jambox. One for the road the other for the house. It's pretty awesome, well built and totally worth the money. I am listening to music most of the time and I use one of them on a daily basis, most of the time 3-4 times a day. 


  • I own an iPad 2 (that I use to consume videos, Airplay and RSS feeds on the weekends while having coffee) and a Kindle Fire. The Kindle fire is just a good device for Amazon Instant Prime videos or for occasional e-book reading. This is my "I don't give a fuck device". I take it to the beach, snow and would not mind if it gets destroyed eventually. The "Fire Android" is weak. There are not a lot of well built apps for the platform and the touchscreen is not super responsive for being productive, at least. Also I detest the native browser on this device. But since I got it for free, I can't complain that much. 


  • I have an old Kindle and love it. This is probably one of my favorite gadgets, since the e-ink does not makes your eyes get tired. Still, nothing replaces regular books, but since I tend to read 5-6 books at the same time, this is a handy alternative when traveling. 


  • I've tried 3 different devices and won't buy anything new until 2015, when I except the devices to actually evolve to a better user experience in all fronts. Pebble just looks too ugly, Basic is also not pretty enough and doesn't seem to work that well for exercise or sleep tracking. I have a Nike Sports Watch for running, but stopped using it, since it has a vendor lock-in component to Nike running shoes. I've had 2 Jawbone Ups and both of them stopped working. Hardware just broke and I gave up on calling them a third time, to just receive another device that will not work after 3 months [that said I think they are an amazing company with flawless customer service]. I've had 2 FitBits (classic and ultra). One I lost and the other I ended up accidentally trowing in the washing machine. 
    • I will only buy a new wearable once a BD guy closes a deal with a nice watch company and produces a beautiful looking watch that happen to also be a wearable device. Maybe when Apple releases the iWatch.