Inactivating Twitter, Facebook and Instagram until March of 2015

This is not my first time taking a break from the social media firehose. About the same time last year, before going on the holiday break, I decided to deactivate Facebook and Instagram. This time I am taking up a step further and also deactivating Twitter. 

I have been way too active on these platforms and have actually obtained very little value out of them. 

I will be focused on more important projects than just sharing small little life blurbs of what I am up to, where I am going and the trivial content that you usually read on these channels. 

My focus until March will be on:

  1. Actually focusing on 2015 resolutions to the fullest potential (more on that soon)
  2. Posting more here and on Tumblr 
  3. Growing an email list 
  4. Posting more videos on my YouTube channel

You can still find me at pedro [at] or if you have my phone number, find me on Telegram / WhatsApp / Viber 

Let's Crush It.