My First Public Talk in Spanish

For a while I was the only person at SendGrid responsible for growing the company internationally, specially in Latin America. In less than one year with no sales team, we got over 7,000 clients, including Walmart Brazil and Rakuten Brazil. 

Since I was running solo my strategy was a combination of community building, PR, thought leadership and word of mouth while yielding 2 factors. Silicon Valley prestige combined with solid SaaS growth. Basically telling a good story and making us look sexy for the 0.1% of elite founders and investors.

No Back to my First Talk in Spanish  

We hosted an event in Buenos Aires for startups, founders and developers. Our "usual" SendGrid growth Meetup.  Martin Vivas, a major startup connector in Argentina was kind enough to connect us with MSFT Argentina and we setup our event at their fancy Puerto Madero offices. Gracias! 

As you can see I spoke with a recent dislocated shoulder since I had the stupid idea of running a Thought Mudder during my flight connection in LAX. Traveling to 2 countries in Latam, with 36 meetings in 5 days while not being able to raise my arm was a humbling experience. I had to ask for help and assistance for more than 40 people total. It made me more present, focused only on the activities with the highest outputs. 

It turned out bueno. Un Saludo!

Talk Given in October, 2014 at Microsoft Buenos Aires at SendGrid Growth Meetup. To learn more about SendGrid go to and about Pedro go to