Untrained Algorithms

This AM, at about six', I felt like checking Facebook. If we've seen each other in the past month and a half, I probably told you that I decided to cut Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for 3.5 months. 

After 1.5 month, I am back on Twitter. After I had lost money on the stock, I was a bit pissed but also find decent value on the platform itself. Even Fabric looks like a very interesting product. 

But then I re-activated my Facebook account. 

I was served only with crap and irrelevant posts on my timeline. It looked like Facebook had about 50 years old because that was the average age of the people I saw on my timeline. 

Posts from a distant uncle, my mom's friends, random people that I don't even recall. There was also some close family things that I was already aware, because with or without Social Media we tend to keep in touch with the ones we care and love. 

Algorithms need to training. Repetition is king. Like losing weight, the more you put effort towards it, the better it gets?

I just don't have any desire to "train Facebook" on my preferences. 

Account deactivated. 

Next Attempt: Instagram.